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American Sport Karate Center is a Martial Arts school serving the Shawnee and Lenexa areas of Kansas City. We specialize in a mix of Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Aikido in a sport karate mix that takes the best of many traditions. At ASKC, kids, teens, and adults can also train in Okinawan weapons, Creative/Extreme Katas, and Point Sparring.

Each student grows at his or her own speed with the help and support of nationally certified instructors. Along with age-separate classes, ASKC offers family classes, where family members of all ages can train together. To reserve your space now at our special pricing, sign up for our online promotion!


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The examples of how my son has grown from a 12 year old boy who asked for karate lessons for his birthday, to an outstanding mature young man that has a 1st degree black belt cannot be explained in just a paragraph or two. He leads by example for others, and steps up in ways I never expected. There was a tournament last year that he had taken a 1st place in forms and had received a trophy. He noticed a young child, much younger than himself, who had not placed or received an award. The child was very sad and without a word from anyone my son went up to him gave him his trophy and told him he was doing a great job and to keep working hard. I asked my son why he had done that and he said that he thought he deserved a trophy for his hard work. This is just one of the many examples I have seen in my son as he has grown while at American Sport Karate Centers. Miss Kim, Mr. Clifton and everyone at ASKC has helped my son grow in to an amazing young man.  As an even bigger surprise to me my son went out the day after his 16th birthday and got a job without us even suggesting it might be a good idea. He makes good choices because of everything he has learned at ASKC! Love you guys! I can never say that enough!